Where Did You Spend Your Holidays?

I brought the La Sardina out for a walk that day to the edge of the beach, breathing in the ocean’s salty taste.

I have visited the marketplace so many times and discovered that it is still popular place western tourists. Only that, now, the environment is more localised. The La Sardina with its vintage flash, has a very catchy and mischievous appearance. While I was leisurely walking, many kids were attracted to this interesting camera and brought them closer to me and my La Sardina, which then took photos of those kids as a memento.

After leaving school and going out into the society to face the challenges of work, I found summer vacations to be much more precious. Do not forget the innocence of childhood, feel the sea breeze, and let your mind relax. Though the summer should be spent under the sun, our oceanic La Sardina is about to cool off and dive into the sea!

Where did you spend your summer? Are there anything interesting analogue adventures to share with the community? Be our guest and write about it for our Locations section and it might be published in our Online Magazine

Let Lomography spread:

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