Hekireki umiQ Shoots Using the LOMO LC-A+

umiQ is the vocalist & guitarist of rock band, Hekireki. In 2009, Hekireki played at Summer Sonic as they passed an audition as public applicants. Below is our interview with and some pictures he took using his LOMO LC-A+.

It was 10 years ago since the rock band “Hekireki” was formed. To date, they are still active such. They released 7 single CDs, 3 full album CDs, and they toured to all 47 prefectures, twice, in Japan. It has been a year since they had their highly praised stage at Summer Sonic ’09 and finished a new EP entitled “Station.” A short track called “Station” was tied-up with a TV program. Vocalist & guitarist umiQ of Hekireki has been playing outstandingly.

Name: umiQ (from Hekireki)
City: Tokyo
Country: Japan

Please introduce yourself briefly.
I am umiQ, vocalist & guitarist of band Hekireki. My height is 183cm, which is kinda tall I think, and my hair color is blond. My blood type is AB. When I feel sleepy, my eyelids become double… basically, they are single, though.

Since when have you used a camera from Lomography? How did you meet LOMO LC-A+ and when?
I bought white Holga 5 or 6 years ago but it was just an accessory because I didn’t use it. Photographer Akio used it when we had photo shoot for our PR. I was like, wow! It can take a really good picture. Then months passed by…. When I had interview of photography and people, I actually took a picture with the LOMO LC-A+. It was then when I realized its brilliance. In December 2010, we had a stage for opening party of Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo. After that, they gave me LOMO LC-A+ with a wooden box (it was like a treasure box). It was the start of using LOMO LC-A+. Now, I really care about it and always put it in my bag.

Have you experienced any striking happening or had any reminiscences which amazed you when you used your LOMO LC-A+?
Before I met LOMO LC-A+, I enjoyed taking a picture by a DSLR. But once I had a LOMO LC-A+, I thought that I might not be able to use my DSLR again since I know the texture of film. Besides, I’m loving and creating music, so I think I want to try to record in an analog way again. I’m already familiar with digital sound, so I there might be some trouble though… But I think Lomography gave me a hint to my inclination of making good one.

And, plainly speaking, I think film cameras taught me that I had to care about 1 picture with respect, because, for a film camera, I have to think about its cost, unlike a digital camera. That is why professionals are required to have an imagination and focus when taking a picture. It is the same as music…

If you describe LOMO LC-A+ in one sentence, what would you like to say?
An honest eye of memory.

You composed a new song, when you had a gig at the opening ceremony of Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo in Shibuya. What made you come up with that song?
It all started from photography and the interview of some people. However, lyrics were incomplete at that gig, actually almost just a half, so, the gig was kinda terrible. But, after I experienced the atmosphere of a lot of people who love cameras, I wrote rest of lyrics at home with uncasing and looking at a camera they gave me.

I wanted to write a song to intensify and amplify simple happiness. I felt that Lomography left a quite good accent for spending my day off, after working hard everyday. Of course, a memory as photography as well.

It was a really good song like I wanted to sing, even though it was not finished. I would like to name this song as a Lomo’s camera.

I think you go to a lot of places for your gig. When you shoot in those local places or shoot usually, what would you think it is attractive to take?
When I go somewhere to play, I would definitely go to sento (a Japanese public bath house). I love to take a bath. I always wanted to take a picture of inside, but I couldn’t. so I always just take facade of sento.
In addition, I feel that the color of sky is a bit different. I want to shoot the skies. I think the skies of Hiroshima and Chugoku Highway is like diorama. Aomori’s is located low and there is present grey in blue. As a strange formality, I don’t basically shoot people. Because, I would think I wanted to meet them again, if I take pictures those people. I sometimes wanted to meet people I met again even though they are just in my memory.

Is there any lure in common between writing a song and taking a picture?
When I write and sing a song with feeling, it will get through to people and be able to make them to be moved. Photography is the same. Taking pictures with feeling will put that feeling beside the picture.

If you choose music for pictures you took on this page, whose and which song would you choose? You can choose your song!
1. Wrote a Song for Everyone / Creedence Clearwater Revival
2. Another One Bites the Dust / Queen
3. Take It to the Limit / Eagles

If you can take anybody who is already dead or is alive, who would you like to shoot?
Common Guillemot.

  • What is your favorite film? And what you would recommend?*
    I’m still studying, though… But, just in my opinion, there is ISO400, ISO800 etc., right? As catching a glance, I usually am attracted by ISO100. Is it because 100 has been yearning number since I was a child? I also feel it is simple… I am sorry, it is an easy answer.

Among the cameras and films of Lomography, what would you like to try? Could you give people, who are going to start taking a photo by LOMO LC-A+ an advice?
I would like try to use Lubitel 166 and Sprocket Rocket . Advice… I would rather be advised though… Just take what you want to take with love to LC-A+. You will be able to find exposure, film sensitivity, dynamic range etc. while you take a picture again and again. It is like you gain your freedom. It is also like your partner growing up together. I will be glad, If you read this interview and are interested in LOMO and you show your Lomograph at my gig like " I took this picture!"

The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

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translated by hanahana

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