Diana+ Multi-Pinhole Operator: Guaranteed Fun!


The Diana Multi Pinhole Operator “DMPO” is a terribly simple camera but that guarantees fun, thanks to its multiple pinholes and different color gels.

The reason to choose this pinhole camera but not any of the others existing in the market was simple, because it offered more possibilities than just a pinhole.

Its features are:

  • Pinhole: 1, 2 or 3
  • Aperture: about f/128
  • Vision angle: 103º
  • Focusing distance: from 1cm to infinity
  • Gels: 3 color gels and 3 two-color-gels
  • Flash: Diana+ flash plug
  • Film type: 120mm
  • Format: 3 (5,2×5,2 – 4,2×4,2 – 4,6×4,6 -)
  • Accessories: Compatible with the Diana Instant Back+, 35mm Back, and Diana+ Flash

So far I’ve always shot with the 5,2×5,2 format (no mask) and I’ve tried 1, 2 and 3 pinholes, with gels, without gels, loading a 35mm film and with flash. The fun is guaranteed because the possibilities are endless.

The images taken as a regular pinhole camera are spectacular:

Photos taken with 1 pinhole

Since then, trying with 2 and 3 pinholes and different gels, the obtained images are completely unexpected:

Credits: srmarcus

Even if the logical thing to do would be using a three color gel with the three pinholes and two color with the two pinholes, however, by trying different combination, you’ll get results like these:

Credits: srmarcus

As I’ve said before, the camera is compatible with the Diana 35mm Back+, although you still have the possibility of loading a 35mm film in an “old school” way:

Credits: srmarcus

Last but not least, I’d like to say this camera has an exposure guide and I’ve always eyeballed it, or used it with a phone app where you set the ISO of the film and the aperture (f/128) and it tells you the exposure time.

This second option is totally advisable: Pocket Light Meter

written by srmarcus on 2011-08-31 #gear #pinhole #review #colour #lomography #diana #pinhole-camera #gels #multi-pinhole #dmpo #user-review
translated by etxenike


  1. lomomentos
    lomomentos ·

    Nice! What is the app called (only for apple?)? Cheers.

  2. matwurst
  3. matwurst
    matwurst ·

    @writer..what film did you use for the first shot?

  4. srmarcus
    srmarcus ·

    @matwurst, I load this camera with Lomography color 100asa all the time. Thanks so much for read the review!

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