The Cheapest, Pinkest, Shiniest Camera Ever!


This is my review of a camera I got online when the famous UK store, Woolworths, closed down due to the recession. At 99p (including a 400 ISO film), it remains to be the cheapest camera I have ever purchased and although the results have been mixed, they have at least been interesting.

I found this camera online reduced to 99p when Woolworths were selling off all their stock near the end (sob sob). As it looked so interesting and came with a roll of film and free shipping, I could not resist. When it arrived I was somewhat bemused by the generic packaging, which stated “35mm Camera” but precious little else and the lack of any instructions/specifications. I loaded a roll of film almost straight away but it took me many months to finish it off and get it developed. I was really really happy with how the photos came out, the lens is very very clear and takes nice crisp snapshots.

Credits: kneehigh85

They now sell these exact cameras on a site called and they are around $20. They market them as a “Lomo Style Barbie Sweet Heart 35mm Camera.”

Credits: kneehigh85

This camera is super easy to use, you really do just point and shoot, then wind on. It is quite bulky but very lightweight. Plus it rattles, which is a bit off-putting if it is bouncing off the side of your leg as you walk anywhere. I was happy with the results and I will be using it lot more as it lead to one of my most popular photos ever, which you can see below:

Credits: kneehigh85

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  1. sidsel
    sidsel ·

    Wow, these pictures are great, 99p, amazing! Oh, and the last photo is so beautiful!

  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    wow! what a great lens! stunning result for a toy.

  3. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    Wow I was surprised by the quality, it's so cute too!

  4. explorette
    explorette ·

    i need some pictures of this pink camera to see how cheap and pink and shiney it really is :D

  5. marissa
    marissa ·

    Ha! I have this camera too! Just haven't tried it out yet.. but now I can't wait!! Awesome!

  6. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    @explorette -… Bit of a blurry image but you get the idea.

  7. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    I've seen a few before. It's called the Jelly Camera. I even saw a digital version. :)

  8. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    nice find! ;)

  9. elimiwa
    elimiwa ·

    Oh god this little thing is so cute and I want one jfhksdhf. Can't resist to pink and shiny things /shot

  10. jojothemonkeyy
    jojothemonkeyy ·

    I bought one for my 9 year old sister and she loves it! (:

  11. mrtinkles
    mrtinkles ·

    awesome pictures from this thing

  12. tricky_eye_line
    tricky_eye_line ·

    God bless woolworths and may she rest in peace...lovely photos!!

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