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Show us where the partys at! Is it in London, Bangkok or in Las Vegas?

Show us where the partys at! Is it in London, Bangkok or in Las Vegas? This summer we are proud to say that we are cooking up something extraordinary to celebrate the birthday of our most beloved camera, the LC-A! And just in case you have not heard it yet, it’s no ordinary year – in fact it is the 25th year anniversary of the LC-A – and we will celebrate like never before! We have parties planned, events scheduled and competitions ready to roll. We even have a special microsite in place for you so that you will always be up to date will all LC-A festivities going on!

But if we want to make this a true worldwide party represented on all continents around the world we will need your help. If you like too party here is your chance to get some never before seen Lomographic goodies, for free! All you need to do is to tell us a little bit about what you had in mind!

1. Put your thinking cap on! Lay out a party plan and send your suggestions to Lomography headquarters to

2. Parties need to be public and announced – everyone from all walks of life should be invited, no coterie or group-exclusive parties please.

3. We will collect your submitted applications and check them until we come up with our ‘Community 25’.

4. Some of the things we will consider with your proposal are the following:

  • Creativity and feasibility of party idea / overall scope
  • Tentative date of party
  • Number of expected people

5. The party should be held on dates before and after the 19th of June – not on the day itself!

6. The party should not be held before May 2009. Why so? Because we’re still cooking up that surprise package we’re sending over. Rest assured that we will be giving exclusive special packages with some never-before-seen goodies for the ultimate merrymaking!

7. The party aftermath should be documented via a blog post and the best photo submissions from attendees of the party – it’s time to show the world how you bring the house down in style!

8. The party should not be co-sponsored, powered by, or done in cooperation with any other brand whatsoever. If you would like to host this party in cooperation with another brand please discuss the details with Lomography first.

Beware though that you do not need to host a completely new party! Maybe your birthday is coming up? Then let us celebrate with you! Is your graduation coming up? Then invite your beloved LC-A along to the party!

written by somapic on 2009-02-03 #news #party #competition #lc-a #anniversary #lca


  1. mattcharnock
    mattcharnock ·

    when do we find out who is hosting what?

  2. blue-dog
    blue-dog ·

    Is there any way to tell us or find out if you got our idea for a party?

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