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The art of a picture is not just about the correct shutter speed setting or the focus distance, but lies underneath its sentimental value. Let’s see how Lomography is viewed from different perspectives, and how they define the real photograph.

In this world, not everyone has the same perspective on something. One may say Lomography is a part of life’s beauty, but others may think that it is just an example of a troublesome life. I am sure that many of those non-analogue camera users have this sentence remain echoing in their mind, “Why do we need films anymore when we already have memory cards?” The question now is, why do they need to have these kind of perceptions? Everybody has their own perception, and I am perfectly sure of that.

Furthermore, many people say it is not worth spending just for a light, simple, toy camera that need films in order to capture pictures. Not only that, they also mention about how troublesome it is to develop and scan (or print) the pictures in order to view them. For them (non-analogue camera users), using digital cameras are much easier and more convenient as there is no need for processing and stuff – just link the camera to the computer, and voila! You can have the pictures saved in My Documents. And when they view the pictures, they can just easily delete any unwanted or ‘not nice’ pictures that they have captured.

My friend once said, that I cannot delete back my pictures, unlike him; he can just easily delete and retake the pictures as many times as he wants. Yes, it is true. But, it is the essence of taking pictures that made my perception about such change. As for me, Lomography resembles life. In life, you cannot undo your mistakes.

The only thing that people can get out of their mistakes is the lesson. The lesson teaches people to improve and be ‘better’ in the future. The same thing applies to Lomography, every picture taken is meant as our own effort, and if there is anything wrong or bad with the shot, it means something must be done to improve our skills.

The true beauty does not come from the picture itself, but it comes together, in a perfect combination, with the soul that captured the picture.

written by isyraf on 2011-08-31 #lifestyle #photos #photography #life #analogue-photography #lomography #film-photography #analogue-lifestyle


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