Dress up your Camera!


Even if you have a tiny budget but still want to give your Holga and/or Recesky TLR a new look, you can!
All you need is a printer, sticker paper and a dash of creativity (:

As we all know, the Holga camera comes in boring solid colours and the Recesky TLR in only black! Now, you can make your cameras uniquely yours, just skin it!

What you need:

  • Scissors
  • A colour printer
  • Sticker paper (get these from your local bookstore, A4 size works best)
  • A Holga and/or Recesky TLR!
  • Template(s)
  • An image processing software like Photoshop or Gimp

Using the respective templates for both cameras, all you need do is to decide exactly how you want your cameras to look like! I looked for seamless patterns on the net and downloaded them into my image processing software i.e. Gimp. Use these patterns to fill up the template to your liking. Besides patterns you can also use images, icons, photos…anything!

Both templates are A4 sized so all you need to do is save them as a new file once you’re happy with the design, then print! Cut along the solid lines and peel off the sticker backing to skin your camera!
That’s it, easy peasy! :D

PS: PM me if you want any of the two templates! (:

The Holga Family is known for its saturation, shadowy vignettes, and dream-like scenes. This iconic camera clan will definitely steal your heart with its plastic charm. Head to our Shop and see which Holga is for you!

written by jojothemonkeyy on 2011-08-28 #gear #tutorials #diy #tipster #decoration #holga #skins #quickie-tipster #customise #recesky #top-tipster-techniques


  1. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    So adorable!

  2. mintandcoke
    mintandcoke ·

    I loved it! Pretty cute patterns and the idea is awesome! So bad my Holga is a 135BC so the template won't fit... But it looks super, anyway!

  3. elephantl0ve
    elephantl0ve ·

    Looks great! Do you have one for a fisheye camera?

  4. elephantl0ve
    elephantl0ve ·

    Looks great! Do you have one for a fisheye camera?

  5. jojothemonkeyy
    jojothemonkeyy ·

    nope im sorry I dont! @elephantl0ve
    dont have a fisheye camera....yet :D
    Thank you @mintandcoke @dearjme!

  6. iamdnierod
    iamdnierod ·


  7. golden_the_ponyboy
    golden_the_ponyboy ·

    this is awesome!! so cute! jojo, can you send me the tempaltes? would be great!

  8. mingky
    mingky ·

    Actually, the Recesky is now available in multiple colours but his is just paint sprayed over the frontplace (which clogs up the screws a bit :( ). I like this idea with the prints.

  9. iurisantos
    iurisantos ·

    NIce work! It gives a nice spin to a TLR camera! Can u send me the templates for the Recesky TLR? Thanks!

  10. jojothemonkeyy
    jojothemonkeyy ·

    @golden_the_ponyboy hello! sorry for the late reply PM me your email and I'll send it over (:
    @iurisantos sure thing. PM me your email (:

  11. pravinsai
    pravinsai ·

    heey,really love the design.. can you please send me those templates too? thank you! my email, pravin_sean@hotmail.com. =)

  12. kafrankie
    kafrankie ·

    awesome!!!! Can you send me the templates? thanhhuong251@gmail.com... btw, thanks so much :)

  13. jojothemonkeyy
    jojothemonkeyy ·

    Hi everyone!
    I couldn't find a way to edit the article so I'm gonna post the link to the templates here!
    Its a dropbox folder so download away!! (:

  14. sehrgut
    sehrgut ·

    Thanks for posting them!

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