Lomography Magazine Wants Your Analogue Lifestyle Submissions!

Do you have an interesting analogue tale to tell? Or perhaps an amazing adventure caught on film? Whatever it is, the community wants to read about your Analogue Lifestyle!

Credits: mephisto19

We believe that behind every film roll, stack of prints, or CD of scanned photos are interesting stories waiting to be revealed. Where else can you find the perfect venue to share your analogue tales, but the Lomography Magazine’s Analogue Lifestyle section!

The Magazine, and the growing community of Lomographers that read its “pages” every day, wants to hear your stories and adventures! So, it’s time for you to unleash your inner writer, pen those riveting tales of analogue ventures, and submit them to the Magazine!

Haven’t submitted an Analogue Lifestyle article yet? Don’t worry, you can always refer to the Analogue Lifestyle Submission Guidelines to help you compose a compelling story!

Your submissions will not go unrewarded; every article that makes it to the section will be awarded with 5 piggies, and 10 piggies if it’s a requested post. You can still send requested submissions for this month! Here’s the list of stories we are looking for:

* Analogue adventures with your pet/s
* Analogue nightlife (eg: concerts and gigs shot using film)
* Old school photo booths
* Oldest toy camera/s you’ve ever seen
* Vintage photography finds in garage sales, thrift shops, etc.

The Magazine will soon make an announcement for September’s Requested Posts, so make sure you’re updated!

We’re looking forward to your interesting analog tales!

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