Lomography Magazine Wants Your Review Submissions!

Have you recently tried a new film, camera, or accessory that you feel the analogue world needs to learn about? Share your views on those analogue goodies with the growing community that yearns to know which are hot and which are not!

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Lomography Magazine has long been a repository of useful information on all things analogue, including Reviews to guide everyone towards the best analogue gear out there! So, if you’ve got a tip on a great film, an awesome camera, or an amazing accessory that you think the community deserves to know, share it with us through a review submission!

If you haven’t submitted a Review article before, take a look at the Reviews Submission Guidelines to help you pen an informative, well-written article!

In return for your valuable views, you will be rewarded with 5 piggies, or 10 piggies if you submit a requested review or a first-time review of an analogue gear for the Magazine!

There’s still time to submit a requested review for August! Here’s the list of films, cameras, and accessories that you need to write about to qualify for a requested post:


* LC-Wide Instant Kit
* Diana Cable Release Adaptor
* Diana F+ Camera Bag
* Diana F+ Lens Flare Bundle
* DigitaLIZA 135 Film Scanning Mask


* Diana Mini “Love Is In The Air”
* Diana+ Pinhole-Multi Operator
* Lomo LC-A Russia Day
* Fuji Instax 210 Wide Camera
* Kiev 4


* Lomography 800/120 Colorneg
* Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400 35mm
* AgfaPhoto APX 400 35mm
* Fuji Pro 400H 120
* Kodak Ektachrome E 100G 35mm

We’ll be making an announcement for the Requested Posts for September very soon, so make sure you also keep an eye on the list of analogue goodies that will get you more piggies!

So, start writing, and we’ll be waiting!

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