Spain-France: the Red Border


A lot of people believe that living in a small place has no advantages. I am from Huesca, and even though I live in Zaragoza, I can’t get my little city out of my head. And what do I do when I want to escape to the outskirts? I take the car and go to the border. That’s the good side of living within spitting distance of the Pyrenees.

I believe a lot of people think Zaragoza is better than Huesca (and I’m not getting into that), but we have lots of nice things in the Altoaragonese capital (an article is on its way!). And without a doubt, one of my favourites is how close the Pyrenees are from the city.

When I go back to my parents’ home for a weekend, I remember what it is like to open your bedroom window in the morning and see the mountains in the background (with a lot of snow in winter). And being able to spend the day with friends in any river 15 minutes from the city (mountain rivers).

But one of the things I like the most is taking my car and arriving at the border in a short while. I don’t know why I like the border so much, I guess it’s because my parents used to take me and my brother there on the weekends in a “quick trip” way, and we would go back home very happy for having been to France.

If you go in winter, as is logical, the border is filled with snow and we usually take the sleigh in the car and go down a hillside a few times.

But in winter and summer it’s totally different. The ski pistes are full with grazing cows, and all the green is beautiful.

So as a short trip I recommend it to anyone who likes mountains and nature.

written by libelulasyyo on 2011-09-10 #places #redscale #spain #border #location #france #huesca #escape-from-the-city #pyrenees
translated by etxenike

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    great shots! And yes, I agree, borders have always something special...

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