Taqueria del Alamillo: Have Tacos and Margaritas Discreetly in the Old Part of Madrid

Taquería del Alamillo is without a doubt, my favorite place in Madrid.The food is fantastic, the service is excellent, the place is very pleasant, and the margaritas are delicious.

Taquería del Alamillo can be found in Madrid de los Austrias near plaza Mayor and the Oriental Palace (The Royal Palace of Madrid). Although the area is very touristy, the taquería is in a corner of the Plaza del Alamillo, a very small plaza without cars and therefore little noise.

Although the sign is half hidden, it seems that everyone knows where it is because to get a table you need to call a week ahead or go to eat very soon.

The waiters greet you with open arms, are warm, funny and friendly, and most importantly, Mexicans, so they know what they are serving. It is best to be guided by their advice if you are not an expert on the subject. The owner of the property is a joy to be around with and portions are sized just right so you can try a bunch of dishes.

If necessary, the waiters will also take photos for you and are even interested in Lomography.

To start, all the tables are served chips, which are not just nachos… they’re incredible. In the middle they put a couple of freshly-made salsas. You can order more salsa, which are even hotter, the spiciest level is “salsa maldita”, and it seems as if it was made by the devil. But if you like spicy food, then without a doubt this is your salsa.

A brave soul trying the Salsa Maldita

The menu is very simple but delicious: the quesadillas have various types of fillings, my favorites are squash blossoms and huitlacoche (corn smut, a fungus that appears on corn), then you cannot miss the pastoral tacos which are finger licking good, which can be done because the tacos are eaten with your hands.

All these must be accompanied by drinking and what better to pair it with than with a margarita! The most refreshing drink on a hot day in Madrid.

The bad thing is that the margaritas can end.

And if the drinks and food come to an end, no worries because there’s still dessert! They have several desserts, and we chose caramel crepes and cactus tequila sorbet.

And if you thought it was over, you are very wrong because there’s still COSCORRON! It’s a shot of tequila and Sprite, the waiter prepares the table, covering it with a napkin, gives a hit, then the bubbles rise at full speed and you have to drink it fast or the foam will go through your nose which is not something that I’d recommend. It happened to me a few years ago with kiwi liquor (without alcohol) and I spent half an hour sneezing.

So I leave here the details:

La Taquería del Alamillo
Pza. Alamillo, 8
28005 Madrid
Phone: 91.364.20.88

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