Camera Costumes and DIY Skins: Faux Fur, Faux Cork, Faux Silver... Real Fun!


A few ideas to get your favourite toys a new look!

I have quite a collection of LomoCameras, and I love all of them just the way they look. From the shiny Pop9 Gold Edition to the fresh Fisheye One Pearl Blue, these little babies are definitely a cute bunch of attention-seekers. But what if, after some time, the plain black of the Holga 135BC becomes just too plain black? And what if your beloved Diana F+ all of a sudden looks just like any other Diana F+? Well, that’s definitely time to get your toy a new look!

So take a look at some of the DIY skins/embellishment that I’ve made for my cameras in the last few months!

This one is the first skin I’ve ever made for a camera. It is made out of adesive paper. I bought my 1m x 5m roll for €5 at the local bricolage centre. This adesive paper is easy to glue on any [clean] surface, easy to cut, cheap, and comes in many different pattern! The one I used is faux cork… I think it looks fun!

The easiest part was glueing this paper to the back of the camera [just remember to leave the exposure counter uncovered!].The hardest part was to cut pieces of paper that perfectly fit the camera front… well, no, the hardest part was actually sticking it straight while trying to avoid air bubbles! But being also quite easy to peel off, this adhesive paper can be removed to adjust it over and over. Also, if you decide to change your camera’s skin or if it comes off, it doesn’t leave the surface sticky afterwards.

I put the adhesive paper on the lens cap too, but didn’t try it on the flash as it might damage its shiny paint.

Once you find a super resistant glue, you can virtually stick anything to your cameras. In my case, I wanted a shiny look for my Diana F+, yet I wanted something simple. I had some winged hearts silvery beads and some thin silvery chain too. I grabbed my super-duper glue and pasted my beads onto the front of the camera and glued the chains around the first part of the lens barrel.

Last but not least, a fuzzy monster on 35mm!

I love my Holga 135BC, it really is a tiny beast and it never disappointed me. However, if I had to find a single cons to this camera, I would definitely say its appearance. It’s a little too black, which is great for candid street shots, but sometimes it just looks a bit boring.

Seeing the great results this baby yelds with cross processed slide film, I decided to get it an outfit to show its monstruous nature! I’ve had that green faux fur sitting in a drawer since I was in high school, and now I’ve finally found a good use for it. It just took me some double-sided tape, the freakish faux fur, scissors, and less thantwo minutes et voila – now everyone can tell that’s a little monster!

Hope you enjoyed my attempt at camera customization, I’d really love to see your own DIY camera skins and costumes!

The Diana F+ is a new twist on the ‘60s classic cult camera. Famous for its dreamy and soft-focused images, the Diana F+ is now packed with extra features such as panorama and pinhole capabilities. Available in our Online Shop.

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