Recycle Your Film Canisters and Always Have Everything at Hand


We all have film canisters lying around all over. But what to do with them? Here’s how to turn them into “always at hand” containers. It’s quickly done, easy and puts the canisters to a good use.

This situation is probably familiar to everyone: you’re looking for a few nice subjects and every now and then you want to splash your picture with some color. But where in the bag are the color filters? Or the tape against light leaks – nowhere to be found. There’s a thousand little things that you always carry with you and that seem to always disappear in the most inopportune moments. But not anymore.

You need:

  • a film canister
  • a key ring
  • a pair of scissors / a drill / a screw driver
  • and, optionally, a snap hook

First of all, holes must be drilled through the lid and the container itself.

If you combine the key ring with a small snap hook, you can use the container in various situations. You can have it clipped to the camera that you’re using or attach it to your keychain. That way you’ll always have all the little things at hand when you need them.

Of course the canister can contain all kinds of other stuff, too – it’s all up to you. Have fun building it and trying it out!

written by supastah2003 on 2011-08-27 #gear #tutorials #diy #tipster #recycle #container #canister #universal #recycling #do-it-yourself #quickie-tipster #handicraft
translated by cornborn


  1. callmeeia
    callmeeia ·

    An awesome idea! What's your favourite thing to store in your pot?

  2. magika
    magika ·

    cool! :D i want using this for the color filter gels! :D

  3. francesco1
    francesco1 ·

    nice ieda

  4. francesco1
    francesco1 ·

    i mean... Nice idea

  5. supastah2003
    supastah2003 ·

    Thanks @cornborn for translating

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