Analogue Adventures with My Pet: The White Rabbit


I have a little white rabbit. His name is Max Jr., but more often just called Mäxi. Some years ago his mommy visited a neighbor’s rabbit and they had a little fling; that’s why he’s here. ;) He has bright white fur and beautiful blue eyes. Now, he is almost eight years old, so he’s an elder gentleman, but is still so cute.

I remember Mäxi and his siblings shortly after his birth when they all were naked; had their eyes closed and you could hold them in one hand. They were all so unbelievably cute! My lovable pet is very lazy. He likes to lie on the ground most of the time. But, he can also be very active. On almost every sunny day I go outside with him, so he can eat grass and jump around. Sometimes, the neighbor’s cat spies on us, looking really curious but also a bit fearful. It’s fun to see the cat running away when Mäxi jumps toward its direction.

Since I started photographing, little Mäxi has been my favorite model. Honestly, he isn’t the best model. It’s difficult to shoot him looking at the camera. He is just more interested in eating grass, jumping around, hiding under a chair and so on. Nevertheless, I took lots of pretty shots of him.

I love Mäxi. Not because he is a white rabbit like the one in Alice’s adventures, but because he is part of my wonderland.

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    imaguoy ·

    I have 2 bunnies that live at my parents' house. I miss them ): Max is very beautiful!

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