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Flávio, my dear friend from college who sold his car and bought a bicycle.

Credits: saidseni

When I met Flávio in college, he lived in the suburbs on the other side of the river and I couldn’t imagine him living without his ‘Little Pea.’ It was a green Nissan Micra that took us to so many places, often overcrowded.

But a couple of years ago, Flávio moved to the city center, near my home. It was the beginning of a big change in his life — some months ago he decided to sell his car.

It was probably hard to say goodbye to it but I love to say hello to his new vehicle: a bicycle. It’s one of those that you can fold and put in a bag. I find it so funny!

Now, Flávio is enjoying the direct contact with the city and his people, something we often miss when moving around by car — both the good and bad part of it! From hit-and-run driving old ladies, to 10-year old bicycle robbers, he already has some stories to tell! But he is obviously loving it.

I took this picture when we met by chance, as he was coming back from one of his rides along the river Tejo. I was so happy I was following Rule #1: Take your camera everywhere you go!

He surely is a brave man to ride the bicycle in this terribly steep city full of uncivilized car drivers, a big “hurray!” to Flávio!

written by saidseni on 2011-08-31 #lifestyle #lisbon #man #bicycle #city #friend #lomography #portugal #analogue-lifestyle #lomopeople #flavio


  1. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    Haha, you'd never think about those bike adventures when you have a car, Go Flávio and his Bike!

  2. whizzkidd
    whizzkidd ·

    I knew a guy who sold is TV set to buy an video... But never a car to buy a bike... LOL

  3. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    @whizzkidd: Ahaha, that's why he is special! ;)

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