Last But Not the Least: Marilyn Monroe's Last Photo

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A weekend before her death, the sultry Marilyn Monroe was photographed while hanging out with Frank Sinatra and jazz pianist Buddy Greco. Unknown to them, the photos from that weekend would end up being the last photos ever taken of the dazzling Hollywood icon.

Sensual, dazzling, and outspoken—that was how the world knew Marilyn Monroe, one of the brightest stars ever to shine in Hollywood. Many years and generations after her time and death, Monroe remains not only one of the most celebrated pop culture icons, but also the most controversial.

Sometime on July 28 – 29 1962, the bombshell actress was photographed partying and hanging out with Frank Sinatra and jazz pianist Buddy Greco in Cal-Neva Lodge, looking playful and stunning as ever. However, the photos from that weekend turned out to be the last snapshots of the actress, as she was found dead in her Brentwood home on August 5, 1962. She was 36.

First photo: Monroe with Buddy Greco; Second photo: Monroe poses with Greco as Sinatra looks on. Photos via Daily Mail

The photos were not only relevant for being Monroe’s last snapshots; it was also during this weekend that Sinatra allegedly told the star to keep quiet about her affair with brothers John and Robert Kennedy. Many believe that the actress was murdered so she can never reveal her secret romance with Mr. President, and his brother when the former broke off the affair later.

Rare photograph of Monroe with President John F. Kennedy (right) and his brother Robert (left) after the former’s birthday party in May 19, 1962. Photo via Daily Mail

Although officially classified as “probable suicide” through barbiturates overdose, Monroe’s death remains shrouded in controversy to this day, with many colorful conspiracy theories attempting to solve the mystery of the icon’s passing.

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