Natura Classica: Scrape, Scrape, and Scrape the Film Canister for the NP Mode!

The charm of Natura Classica lies in its NP mode. But is it necessary to use high speed films to invoke the NP mode? The answer is no.

The Japanese style of simplicity and calm appearance.

The advantage of Fujifilm Natura Classica is that it works well even in poor lighting conditions such as indoors or at night. The large aperture and the unique NP (Natural Photo) mode enable you to have the right exposure for your pictures without the need to flash in limited lighting. All you need to do is to use a film with ASA 800 or higher speed and the NP mode will be invoked automatically. You can try to ignore the signal that warns you to use the flash when you shoot in insufficient light conditions! The outstanding Natura Classica will still give you photos that are so natural, sharp and with fine grains.

Only by reading the introduction of it, it is already so attractive. However, high speed film is relatively expensive and with increased grains! I have come across a shared technique on the internet: you can invoke the NP mode with low speed films by scraping its DX code.

It just happened that I borrowed a Natura Classica, so let’s have an experiment and have some fun using a cutter to scrape the film canister! I then carried the Natura with the film installed to the amusement park with me. On that day, I used Vivitar in outdoors and indoors with Natura Classica !

I like merry-go-rounds very much, even though it’s not that exciting, it’s fun with a touch of splendor and fantasy! And who would have thought that Gashapon, the toy capsule, can be turned into a piece of art! The atmosphere is so charming with the light from the chandelier! Even though the lighting is so poor, the warning light is on, I still insisted not to use the flash light. It surprised me with the photo in the dimly lit lounge bar!

For portraits, it appears a bit misty yet looks great even without the NP mode! For those who have the Natura Classica, you can also have a try! Besides benefiting from the NP mode, you can have the delicate quality of low speed films! I just simply love film because you can have so many way to experiment with it. You will just unconsciously be fascinated by it and addicted to it.

written by chulin on 2011-08-31 #gear #film #review #lomography #fujifilm-natura-classica #user-review #scrape #np-mode #dx-code
translated by kcmuguet

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