Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 4: Roundatable Discussions One: The Original Fisheye Camera

It’s the truth: we’ve asked a pond full of simpatico goldfish to join us for food and drinks and meet with our curious Lomographic friends. And they happily agreed! Each meeting is hosted by our very own LomoScientist – who took great care to record all of the pertinent details without missing a beat. Each individual meeting features the discussions between one expert goldfish and several inspired Lomographers. Read on to experience the creative explosion that is: the Fisheye Camera Roundtable! And be sure to stick around for the Lomo-Scientist’s further recommendations and tips.

Hello my friends! I’m here to study the interactions between these remarkable goldfish and our fine Lomographer colleagues.Take it from me: both species are truly amazing creatures. Don’t sweat it if things get too “scientific” over the next few pages – I’m going to break it all down in my wonderful post-game wrap-up! And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present: The long-awaited summit of goldfish and Lomographers!

Meeting # 1:
Wide-angle Willie and his Lomographic friends
Origins: Kuro Demekin // the grand wide-angle 170° vision Willie grew up in a British aquarium of very good standing and is known for poking his nose (and eyes) into everything. This deep curiosity – paired with his penchant for fine wines and elegant events – made him the perfect candidate to be a secret agent. That’s right, spying is his business. And business is good. “Being a secret agent is a hard-knock life. Whether I’m investigating Communist Koi, fighting psycho frogs, rescuing hostages from the water filter, or patrolling the underwater castle – I have to keep a keen and sharp eye out for upcoming dangers and tight situations. Thank god that Mama Nature equipped us goldfish with a 170° field of view, allowing us to always be ready for whatever comes around the corner. And it’s not just good for espionage – it’s also quite useful for admiring avant-garde architecture, ambient landscapes, artsy-fartsy museums, love-drunken animals (and humans), slumber parties, manicured feet, huge beerbellies, generous décolletés and gone-wild beards”.

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