Vintage Camera Ads: Advertising in the 1940s


Come and have a look at some camera ads from the 1940s! A time when color photography was still young and only gradually becoming a part of everyone’s lives!

Compared to the advertisement campaigns companies are coming out today, advertisements from the 1940s are refreshingly different. They are by far not as blunt and “in your face” as what is thrown at us today, but rather they seem more considerate and respectful to the reader.

Ads today are mostly about effective graphics and catchy slogans. In the 1940s, the approach was quite different: companies tried to merely persuade the reader to buy their product by advertising it in elaborated texts, accompanied by somewhat cheesy pictures of a perfect family. Maybe this is because all that counts today are superficial looks and “style” whereas the camera buyer in the 1940s was more interested in the features of a particular camera. It’s quite striking how back then, what seemed to be important was taking pictures of your family and conserving those memories. Today, however, looking good among your friends and being able to take good pictures at parties and such are what’s featured on most consumer point-and-shoot camera advertisements.

So please lean back and join me in taking a journey back to the 1940s when picking out a camera was based on features rather than life style. Or maybe it wasn’t after all…?

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