LomoCommunity: The Lomorangers in Malaysia


When we talk about Lomography we also think about the Lomography community, which supports the Lomography’s idea, spreads the Lomography love and keeps Lomography alive. In Malaysia, there are several communities promoting the Lomography movement, including: THE LOMORANGERS.

The Lomorangers has been created in January 2011 as non-official community to gather and bring the lomographers and analogue lovers throughout the surrounding area, also providing a platform for everyone to exchange ideas and implement appropriate activities.

The idea, which convey into establishment of the Lomorangers, started when some lomographers seated together and had some chit chat regarding the Lomography scene in Malaysia and worldwide as well. After some discussion they agreed to establish the community that would organize more events and bring more joy to the Lomography scene in Malaysia. They also wanted this community to spread lomo love to the public through some activities.

After they started this community, they organized the event called as LOMOPIKNIK (Lomography + Picnic) at National Zoo of Malaysia which gathered more than 70 lomographers and analogue lovers to go out together. They had real fun and joy because this was a non-profit event and attracted a lot of people.

Now, they have more than 500 members around this country and they actively organize many events. They can be contacted through Facebook and their own Blog

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  1. izzzart
    izzzart ·

    I joined this community ... it is best as a friend :-)

  2. rembow
    rembow ·

    They are like my family :)

  3. pikc
    pikc ·

    @izzzart : hell yeah, they're rockin!

    @rembow : family last forever, right?

  4. ahleng90
    ahleng90 ·

    lomo on!greetings from hawaii

  5. pikc
    pikc ·

    @ahleng90 : Wow, so far? Hahaha. Or maybe Hawaii = Penang?

  6. aimanafiq
    aimanafiq ·

    go go go :D

  7. pikc
    pikc ·

    @aimanafiq : Go? Go..go..go..power...

  8. cencalok
    cencalok ·

    pewittt...hahaha. the lomorangers never walk alone :D

  9. aziluz
    aziluz ·

    i love lomorangers. hehe.

  10. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    Cool! Let me join!

  11. lomo-chef
    lomo-chef ·

    we are happy fmly..<3..

  12. pikc
    pikc ·

    @cencalok : Yeah, we stand together.

    @aziluz : hahaha. Lomorangers love @runaziluz

    @cutebun : welcome!

    @lomo-chef : happy tree.

  13. rafiq
    rafiq ·

    Rangers so cool...

  14. pikc
    pikc ·

    @rafiq : thank you!

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