When: Spring

When: Spring
The Austrians are mad! We know that. But we are always astonished what they again pull out of the hat. There is an Austrian collective of artists and actors in Berlin called Club Real. Besides many exciting theatre-plays they gave the world the WOSP: The Winter Olympics for Stuffed Animals and Puppets! Instead of real people teddies and stuffed rabbits compete for the title in three to three disciplines.

The sports are sky-flying, relay gondoling and gate of the Yeti. For the first mentioned they have built a jump for the stuffed athletes and it works perfectly. The second is a classical race in the air and the third is a chase-game against a figure called the Yeti. It makes perfect sense to bring the toys into the pictures, hence mascots are a huge part of the Olympic movement, why not make them the stars. But his time it’s not all too serious.

The whole event is like a theatre-play to with all the ingredients for a perfect drama. You have the good guys, the puppet-doctor, the helpers and the jury. And you have the bad guy: the Czar. Now this guy is a true villain. He is manipulating the competition where he can and even worse he is doping his athletes. And we are not talking about EPO or Anabolika, but the evil substance of Plüschofrost! This secret mix is keeping the veins of his contestants warm and makes them fly further the other contestants.

The WOSP is attracting quite a lot of people in Berlin and it’s just a great joy. Of course most athletes are being trained by children, but its great fun for the ones like me. I am so convinced of the championship that I have made me a jacket with the logo of the WOSP. The event is taking place in winter and is almost annual, with little breaks. I have the opinion that the Club Real should be invited to the next Lomo-Congress! And this would fit, too. Because nowadays they are also organizing the SOSP. The Summer Olympics for stuffed animals!




written by wil6ka on 2008-05-09 #places #art #culture #analog #location

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