My Favourite Park, Parc Ciutadella


A park with an elaborate giant golden water fountain, a lake, a zoo, and a museum!

Parc Ciutadella is the perfect retreat from times when Barcelona city become a little too much. The park is nestled at the center of the city (close to Arc de Triomf) but gives you a breath of fresh air in its 70 acres of open space!

I first heard of ‘Parc Ciutadella’ last year when I studied in Barcelona for a month (and it’s taken me the good part of the year to correctly pronounce its name). My friends kept telling me of this ‘park’ that is a really nice place to spend a summer’s day. As soon as I visited the park, it all made sense.

The park is HUGE, especially for being in the center of a city. + 1 point.

The park has the most ‘over-the-top’ fountain, headed by a golden statue of epic proportions. And what is the statue of? Nothing more than Quadriga de l’Aurora – 4 golden horses, a carriage and a Greek-god like figure. Oh, and don’t forget Venus standing on a friggin’ giant clam shell and the dragons spraying water from their mouths. + 1 point.

Elsewhere in the park, you can find Barcelona’s zoo, which was home to ‘Snowflake’ – an Albino gorilla, before he died in 2003. I think he ate too many bananas.

The park is also home to regular entertainment. Sunday is my favorite day to visit as the park fills up with a variety of performers – artists, musicians, and entertainers. There are usually big drum circles, groups of musicians jamming and people practising yoga, tight-rope walking (between trees) and other circus skills!

Throughout the year, the park also becomes the venue for various events. Most recently, I got to visit ‘Jazz in the park’, where we watched an awesome jazz band playing on the bandstand. In the past, I’ve also watched a choir and a full orchestra in the park!

Ah, Parc Ciutadella. I will be seeing you soon.

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Love this parc too! :) Great shots!

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