Alberta All British Motoring Society Field Meet

My British Motoring Society Field Meet Haiku: Haphazard placement/A shiny British rainbow /Cars parked like with like.

On June 11th, I wandered over to Victoria Park to check out the Alberta All British Field Meet. One of my work colleagues has spent several years restoring an old MGB-GT, and he invited me to stop by and see all of the restored British cars.

My colleague and his orange MGB-GT

I wanted to go for a couple of reasons, to support a colleague in his interesting hobby and to take pictures of seriously colourful and fabulously shiny cars.

It’s a bi-annual event put together by the Alberta All British Motoring Society and seems to be organized in a pretty casual manner. Like cars were parked together, some in rows, some in circles, with their trunks (boots) in the middle, and their hoods (bonnets) pointed outwards. I especially enjoyed the different colour palettes in different classes of cars, and different decades of production.

The proud owners mingled about, admiring each other’s handiwork, and patting each other on the back. There were a lot of nice rides to envy, covet, and desire, but I think I’ll stick to cameras. ;)

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