Visiting the Bundestag Dome @ Berlin

I invite you to discover one of the most emblematic buildings in the heart of Berlin, a beautiful place in the centre of the city and where you can enjoy the stunning views of the city.

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The Bundestag of Germany is the federal parliament, the federal supreme legislative power of Germany with the function of representing the people and is the place where they decide the laws, elect the chancellor and control the work of government. But I don’t want to bore you with the functions of it because you can find them all on Wikipedia.

The parliament is now located at the place of the old Reichstag, in the heart of the city, and it was destroyed almost entirely in the Second World War. Later it will be restored and remodeled. Now it has a modern dome, which is different from the original but it has become a symbol. I want to say, in favour of Spanish design, that one dome was designed by Santiago Calatrava very similar to the actual dome, but finally they chose the project of Norman Foster on May 8, 1995, which was so similar to Santiago Calatrava’s project, despite the fact that Foster’s draft initially did not have a dome because of symbolic reasons.

Credits: carlosbull

Well, as important tourist information, I want to say that the visit to the terrace and the dome of the parliament is free, but I recommend you to access the Bundestag website where you can make an appointment (day and time) for a visit, so you will be accredited to enter without having to wait in the long queue. In the email you have to write the name of the visitors, your ID and your date of birth. As you can see, from the start, control and security measures are total.

Once there and under the shadow of the huge and great building, you’ll find a carp with security arches that you must pass and once inside, the visitor is escorted to the stairs. After this, you enter the big hall, and you are always watched by guards and cameras. Then, you take the elevator to go to the terrace, where if weather allows you, you’ll enjoy spectacular views over 24 meters high, and you can access the dome.

Credits: carlosbull

Now I’ll give you another important bit of advice, I recommend you to have a look at the dates when the dome is closed (for security or maintenance works) because there are several weeks a year, and I visited the dome in one of them…so, I couldn’t visit the dome inside, but I can say that it’s a great structure of 23 meters high from the terrace. It’s an example of respect for the environment because it uses, in an economic way, the heat, solar energy, and has a mechanical ventilation etc.

In addition, the dome also provides light and ventilation to the plenary hall, which is just below, well, this is one of the most important parts, because it says that the dome is trying to symbolize that it is the people who choose the politicians, and not vice versa. That is, the people are controlling and watching over all their actions, because from the top of the dome you can see all in the plenary hall.

Credits: carlosbull

The view is spectacular, you can see the whole city. I have to say that I would like to have had a Sprocket Rocket or a Horizon for panoramic photos!

I totally recommend a visit to the Bundestag, even if you don’t like the politicians, I think it is one of the most important buildings in Berlin and it’s just a one-minute walk from the Brandenburg Gate.

You can find more information about the visits and the building on their official website.

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