Finding Lost Negatives are Fun!


Have you ever found some old negatives or photos? What do they look like?

Solving losted negatives are fun!

Yesterday, I went out and walked across our street, taking photos with my friend and my Diana Mini in the city center. Then, I saw some negatives next to a waste container. I said to myself, ‘Who can be stupid enough to put negatives in a waste container?!’

I took them home, cleaned them in the shower, and hung them on a rope to dry. After 2 hours, I polished them and scanned them. The photos look pretty good, they seem to be taken with a Porst color film, and maybe an original Lomo LC-A.

I think they are from holidays from Crimea in the early 80s. The man on the photo looks like a member of StB (Czechoslovak Secret Police).

Have you ever found some old negatives or photos? Go ahead and share them!

Take a look at the rest of the photos from found negatives here!

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  1. vojta
    vojta ·

    This is a great story. The Art of Unwanted reminds me a lot of an original Surrealism approach.

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