Let's Shoot People With Kodak T-Max P3200

If you want a multi-speed, continuous-tone panchromatic black-and-white film choose Kodak T-Max P3200!

Kodak T-Max P3200 is my first roll of pure black and white and I bought it from a cute lady. I just wanted to test this roll out and hopefully it would not be underexposed since it’s expired date was 1991. This film is very difficult to find on the market as it has a very high ISO. So, I loaded this film into my Holga 135BC for an event at a village area surrounded by tropical forest.

Here is a Location article about this place

After I filled the roll, I sent it to be processed. This film is quite thick, so it was difficult to be detected by the scanner as my brother had told me.

Credits: yein
Credits: yein

As you can see, this film gives superb, grainy pictures. I love the grain because it looks old school and besides, I think it is quite suitable for portrait photography.

Credits: yein

Try to shoot people with this film. It makes the photos look like very old classics. The black and white tone is not quite as sharp maybe because this is an expired film but I love the tone. Very classy. Try this film, it’s interesting!

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