Focusing! Using a One Meter Rope to Accurately Focus in Shooting


When we want our pictures to be forceful or eloquent, it needs to be sharp and clear. Accurately focusing the pictures will enable the them to deliver the facts truthfully.

In the first photo, the object in the centre was not focused, therefore the white lotus became a blur. This upset me a lot. Of course, I can retake the photo, but sometimes that moment, that atmosphere, may not reappear. The light can change, the wind can change, and your feeling can change. When time flows, flowers will fade, leaves will turn yellow — I usually have the films developed a few days after shooting, I have already forgotten where I took that particular photo among the huge field of lotus. The best moment will just disappear if you could not catch it in time.

Sometimes, we will have the photos to be out of focus intentionally, to make it misty so as to have a different sense of beauty; but when we need forceful or eloquent photos, sharp and clear photos will be necessary. Accurately focusing the pictures will enable the them to deliver the facts truthfully.

Holga has the zone focus feature for you to choose among four different focus distance: 1m, 2m, 3m & infinity, it is very easy to use. If you can estimate the focus distance accurately, then nothing will be missed. However, we are not professionals who estimate distance all the time, we need a trick to focus the objects accurately.

Therefore, please prepare a rope of 1 meter long, mark it every 0.1m. You can then use the rope to measure the distance no meter how far the object is: 1.1m (measure 1m first, then 0.1m), 1.2 m、1.3 m … can be done similarly, and it will be very accurate.

The length of your arm is not that acurate for measuring the distance, besides you need to carry the camera and be cautious with the slippery ground at the same time, that’s exhausting. So I recommend to use this 1 meter rope to help you measure the distance since it is easy to pack it in your bag with you.

Photos in focus.

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written by hwangcharngan on 2011-08-28 #gear #tutorials #scanning #tipster #meter #estimating-focus-distance #sharp-pictures #arm-length


  1. blablabla-anab
    blablabla-anab ·

    I just got a smena symbol, no focus in viewfinder... I'm SO going to do this, thanks for the tip :)

  2. hwangcharngan
    hwangcharngan ·

    Congratulation .

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