Din! The Film is Ready!


I thought of cooking film. I put the film in the microwave and…. good pictures came out!

Last night I was hungry but not for food, for pictures!!! I think to cook a good film!

I’ve done so:

1) In a dark room I’ve extract the film from the roll (because the container is maked in metal and is very dangerous in the microwave)

2) Always in the dark I’ve put the film in a black container (I’ve used same the film roll plastic container)

3) I’ve put the roll in the microwave at max power (800 Watt) for 20-30 seconds

4) In the darkroom I’ve put the film in the roll (if this is excessively complex for you, you can load the film in the camera without the roll. You have to put the film in the camera and the head must block to the spool with tape; you have to remember to close each windows of the camera with black tape!!!!!). To make this you must block the film in the internal spool with the tape.
5) you can shoot!!!!!

The photo will be very light and pink if overexposed!! Same with the old pictures. If you use the correct exposure the color will be normal. You can try using a longer time…enjoy your meal!!!!

Experiment with film Ferrania Solaris FG 200.

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  1. maxwellmaxen
    maxwellmaxen ·


  2. frenchruffles
    frenchruffles ·

    crazy idea but the effect is so cool!

  3. musiekun
    musiekun ·

    This seems terribly cool but is there anything like fumes we should worry about? Does it render the microwave useless?

  4. privetov
    privetov ·


  5. lil
    lil ·


  6. lubiolg82
    lubiolg82 ·

    mmmhhhh..... i'm going to try.... :-)

  7. recstop
    recstop ·

    you must eat a good film!

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