July 2011's Most Popular User Blogs


For the month of July, it’s all about making resolutions, revelations photographed on film, and self-realizations being shared with the community via LomoBlogs!

Ever asked yourself what exactly your fellow Lomographer is thinking right now, at this very moment? Well, in case you’re wondering, The LomoBlogs is our favourite channel of choice to fulfill our curiosities –or at least take a good and meaningful peek – on what’s going on with the analogue lives of Lomographers! Take a read on some of our selections this month!

LomoPrints - A dream ? by stouf
HQME Panoramas by mephisto19
Dream Date by skyphos
My Photography Origin by feelux
Dream Date by jimmyhido
Resolution Fulfillment by fivedayforecast
a laughing stock? by android_man
“In case you think that I do not love you, or do not want to “like” your pictures, or why did I stop “liking”== you.":/homes/robinansell/blog/6015-in-case-you-think-that-i-do-not-love-you-or-do-not-want-to-like-your-pictures-or-why-did-i-stop-liking-you by "robinansell==":/homes/robinansell
Thrift Store Film Swap by cassettetapehero
Easternflex - help! by schemerel,
My Photography Origins by nadinadu
思ったより暗かったので、再挑戦- by yuusenn, Mis orígenes foteros by rudemuinho
夏の思い出- by mam-o
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Light Leaks by lyndxe
Missing (imaginary?) picture by babybath
Ancient history by stratski, and The Little Things by nessarostia

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  1. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    This time only one blog per person? I also had other blogs with many liked and comments e.g. about Revolog films or my way of working.... Please check them out, too: www.Lomography.com/homes/mephisto19/blog

  2. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    ... the HQMP-blog is from august...
    but the revolog blog from july: www.lomography.nl/homes/mephisto19/blog/5657-revolog-films
    same as the work in progres blog: www.lomography.nl/homes/mephisto19/blog/5477-work-in-progre…

    but thanks to everyone commenting and liking my blogs...!

  3. feelux
    feelux ·

    My blog posted on august too. Thanks to those who liked though :D

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