Belletts: LomoReporter @ Summer Jamboree Festival

Belletts, a Lomographer from Ravenna (italy), is in love with analogic photography.
His spare time follows the rhythm of his shots, trying and testing everykind of film and camera.
As winner of LomoReporter@Summer Jamboree Festival contest, for Lomography he had to wear the dress of a special envoy to one of the most incredible Italian Festival.
Excited to swim in a sea of ​​grease? Read the Belletts’s story and see his photos.

Pictures taken with sprocket rocket

“What to say, I’d been there 2 years ago and I had already enjoyed myself, as fond of rock n roll and classic cars.
Thanks to the win i kindly went back, this time armed with 4 photocameras included La Sardina Fisher Fritze.
Unfortunately, because of my work, the time i can spend at the festival was limited, I could not attend all the locations and events of the festival, I focused just on one stage and the “nightlife” at the festival. The pass and a paparazzi-style dress invested me with an aura of formality that i decided to jump into the fray and burn many more films as possible.

In the air you breathed only pure fun, smiling faces, music that made your knees shaking, pin-up, tufts and unique clothes! People were willing to be photographed, I noticed what I would call “sardine effect” Just pointing the sardines with the flash attached towards the subject and he started laughing! And then they asked me what kind of photocamera is that?

Pictures taken with La sardina

It was all fantastic. Many people could not understand i was using photocameras with films!

Pictures taken with Diana mini

Thanking and the win for LomoReporter@Summer Jamboree Festival Contest i happily turned back in 50s.
I recommend everyone to join the next festival, so prepare your 50s dress , learn how to boogie and let’s meet at Summer Jamboree 2012!

For watching all the pictures click here, here and here

Thanks belletts
Lomo loves you.

written by alessiab on 2011-08-23 #music #lifestyle #festival #pin-up #rock-n-roll #la-sardina #senigallia #summer-jamboree
translated by alessiab

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