Misadventures of Stitch


Stitch completely changed the image of what an alien is. He is generally friendly but picky with friends and you definitely don’t want him as an enemy. Earth has been his new home and his boundless energy can sometimes give him trouble, especially if Lilo isn’t around to pull his reins. Even if he is an experiment that has gone bad, we are lucky to have him around to entertain children (he loves children).

Stitch inspects the lomography.com website. Maybe the saturated colors attracted him and the silly poses and facial expression of humans.

Credits: stitch

He quickly gets the idea of film and made quick friends with several boxes of film.

Credits: stitch

He strikes a pose with the La Sardina Sea Pride. He seems to like the blue color and the idea of a camera being named after a common fish variety.

Credits: stitch

His short attention span has led him to toy around with a PDA. Again, he loves to stare at pictures. He has a bias for beach shots. Perhaps it reminds him of his “adopted” home—Hawaii; and of Lilo, whom he left behind for this particular visit. Hmm, what happened to “ohana?”

Credits: stitch

And before you could say “abrakadabra peanut butter sandwiches”, he predicatably finds himself in trouble. His computer surfing (“a poor alternative to the real surfing” he says) has drained him and he searches for food… He didn’t find any in the toilet paper roll. But he finds a glass jar of cookies! He gets trapped inside until the owner of the cookies lets him out. He of course consumed all cookies down to the last crumb.

Credits: stitch

Note: Stitch was not harmed when these photos were taken ;)

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  1. tomkiddo
    tomkiddo ·

    cute :)

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    ang cute! hihi

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