Lomography Magazine Wants Your News Contributions

Bring out your inner scribe! With our growing Lomography community, while we do love seeing all your wonderful lomographs, we do love hearing from you also! In case you’ve stumbled upon an interesting article, a mesmerizing photograph or watched a funny commercial – involving all things analogue then why not share your piece of good (analogue) news to our community?

It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, we here at Lomography Magazine are always happy to hear what you guys have to share. Writing for the magazine doesn’t just help you exercise your writing skills, and flex your creative muscles, but you also get to reach out to your fellow Lomography enthusiasts – from all over the world; through your words and of course, photos.

Take our News section for example, it’s the best place in the magazine to catch up on what’s new in our community and of course, other interesting bits of info about all things analogue. It’s you’re quick fix for the latest in analogue news and by contributing, you make it easier for your fellow community members to catch up on what’s hot (as well as what’s not) in the analogue world.

If it’s your first time to contribute to our News section – or the Lomography Magazine in general, here’s our News Submission Guidelines for your perusal.

In exchange for your hard work, we’ll reward you with 5 piggy points as a big THANK YOU for your help but don’t forget to check out our monthly requested posts! Who knows, you might have some juicy piece of analogue news that fits right in to any of these categories:

August 2011 Requested Posts for Locations:

  • Analogue approaches to visual arts (eg: Maurizio Anzeri’s Embroidered Photography and All Taped Up: Art by Max Zorn)
  • Cartoon characters immortalized on film cameras
  • Rare film finds
  • Vintage camera ads
  • Vintage camera bazaars

And aside from a big virtual hug from our EIC, you’ll also get 10 piggy points for every requested post that you sent in – and gets published, of course.:)

But do make sure to keep on checking our Requested Posts list because we do change that every month; you might also have some possible articles for our other sections as well so don’t forget to click on that link!

We hope to hear from you guys soon!

xoxo Lomography Magazine Team

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