Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 3: The Fisheye 01 Camera

The first result of our intense goldfish studies. Slick fellas such as Wide-angle Willie, Close-up Jimmy, Flashing Frida, Sunlight Shankar & Cross-process Sheila inspired us to make this camera. Have a quick read through its features and functions before you meet the fish and dive into the roundtable discussions!

> 170-degree field of view: See everything around you just like your eyes do – in an incredible wide-angle view.
> Extreme close-up potential: Sharp and beautiful pictures are possible from even the closest quarters.
> Huge depth of field: focused sharpness from the front to the rear of your image.
> Premium optics: bright colors, punchy contrast, super-blue skies, ultra-red lips, and yellow bananas like you have never seen before.
> Built-in electronic flash: battery-charged and seamlessly integrated, this little hombre gives you the right portion of white flash light whenever you need it.

Fishin’ for Fisheye? Get your fill of more Fisheye goodness here.

written by ungrumpy on 2011-08-24 #library #lomography #fisheye #lomobooks #fisheye-rumble-in-the-pond

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