Borgarbókasafns Reykjavíkur, Reykjavik City Library

The Reykjavik City Library is one of my favorite places in the town. I seek shelter there when I need some peace and quiet. It is also a great place to see the works of local artists, rent a movie or have some coffee while reading magazines from all over the world.

The library is situated in downtown Reykjavik. Ocean, mountains, harbor, cafes, bars, shops, flea market, and art galleries are neighbors of the library. It is a great area to explore. Besides the huge collection of books, magazines, movies, and music you will find an art gallery/shop where you can explore/buy/rent a piece of art.

I often visit Reykjavik’s library with a group of children I am working with. It is amazing to see their little happy faces while listening to tales and stories told by workers of the library. Of course they also enjoy the huge variety of children books, toys, and also an aquarium. It is a great spot for families with children. If you take an elevator and press the number 6 button, you will find yourself in the Reykjavík Museum of Photography. Oh yes, it is in the same building. I am a frequent guest there too. The exhibitions change quite often and you can check the books about photography and buy some prints or postcards.

Reykjavik City Library
Reykjavík Museum of Photography

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