Cycling in Brussels


Getting to know a new city is always fun, but to do this on a bike is even more fun!

During my last visit to Brussels, I decided to change my view of this city by changing my way of exploring it!

In Brussels you have the opportunity to rent a bike at every corner. The system is called Villo-Bike and it works quite easily. You choose a bike number, insert your Maestro or Mastercard and start cycling. The costs are just a few Euros and you will enjoy using it to explore the city on a different way. Another point which makes it very comfortable is that on nearly every corner you will be able to find a Villo Station where you can either rent bikes or bring them back. You can also easily lock your bike while you are holding for something, like a coffee in a café or something else!

Here’s the link to their homepage: Go out and explore!

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  1. mapix
    mapix ·

    yes! bicycling is the best type of motion!

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