LomoWalls of the Week


We’ve got another round of masterfully created Lomographic artworks. Go on ahead and take a gander. I promise you won’t regret it!

- by zoezo,

If you still haven’t heard of LomoWalls then you’re probably living under a rock. LomoWalls give you the most creative freedom of showcasing your Lomographs aside from printing it out and sticking it on your own room at home. Still don’t believe us? Check out these beauties!

Pick you up.... by grazie,
think in pink..all is better..welcome to the real life!!! by atria007,
Into the Light by jennson,
lost by ccwu,
Don't think, just buy (more lomo cameras). by dabai,
Made in U.S.S.R. by maximum_b,
Centipede! by barakalofi,
Spider Legs by natalieerachel,
River Red Gum by jojo8785,

written by cruzron on 2011-08-22 #news #lomowall #week #popular


  1. bravebird
    bravebird ·


  2. barakalofi
    barakalofi ·


  3. jojo8785
    jojo8785 ·

    Yay :D

  4. b0rn2b1ush
    b0rn2b1ush ·

    beautiful walls!

  5. welland
    welland ·

    Some of my fav lomowalls right there

  6. jbrown363
    jbrown363 ·

    I want some of these to hang in my house! great walls all around!

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