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Credits: mephisto19

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Credits: mephisto19

HQME Panoramas by mephisto19,

Credits: skyphos

Dream Date by skyphos,

Credits: jimmyhido

Dream Date by jimmyhido,

Credits: negativopositivo

44°7'32'' N 14°56'43'' W by negativopositivo,

Credits: feelux

My Photography Origin by feelux,

Credits: suizidekid

We heart Lomo by tompe,

Credits: android_man

a laughing stock? by android_man,

Credits: nadinadu

My Photography Origins by nadinadu,

Canoscan 9000f (little review) e qualche dubbio (dibattito aperto) by tyron_lannister,

Credits: robinansell

“In case you think that I do not love you, or do not want to “like” your pictures, or why did I stop “liking”== you.":/homes/robinansell/blog/6015-in-case-you-think-that-i-do-not-love-you-or-do-not-want-to-like-your-pictures-or-why-did-i-stop-liking-you by "robinansell==":/homes/robinansell,

written by cruzron on 2011-08-22 #lifestyle #week #article #popular #user-blog


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