Make Your Prophecy Finalist: wangviola


Congratulations to wangviola, one of the Make Your Prophecy Competition finalists! Read on to see her winning artwork and find out why she chose to represent the prophecy she did…


Name: Viola Wang
Country: living and working in the UK, born and raised in China
Lomohome: wangviola

Which of the 10 Prophecies did you choose and why?
Lomography will bring back over tones, nuances, smells, shades, dirt & dust, and real life beauty to us

The words “real life beauty” really struck a chord with me. Lomography is a way of seeing and truly recording life in a romantic and realistic way, which has to be one of the many appeals for the growing number of Lomography photographers today. Lomographer’s are sourcing from life, capturing real life beauty around them, and most importantly truly enjoying what they do. Lomography has provided simple yet effective tools, alongside a social media platform, to enable everyone to be a creator and observer of their own real life beauty first hand.

What does this prophecy mean to you?
The “real life beauty’ prophecy truly sums up my experience with Lomography. I have found myself going back to basics and using simple snapshots and analog films, which has given me the opportunity to reassess the world around me. By using the analog camera once again (temporarily abandoning the digital age) it has enabled me to look through the lens more carefully. It provided me with an opportunity to think in a different way about the simplicity of life – recalling those moments, feelings and emotions that come flooding back when you revisit a snapshot in time captured on film. Memories, thoughts, feelings and tastes – all come to life using Lomography – and are captured with in a way that has by many long since been forgotten. The memories are not hidden away on a hard drive or desktop, so often as is the case in this digital age, never to be developed, printed and enjoyed. Lomography is bringing photography back to the way it once was, 36 snapshots in time rather than endless space on a memory card, providing perhaps not the perfect snapshot but arguably one which is truer to life. The time that is so often spent re-taking a digital image is detracting from the real life beauty that is so often overlooked in pursuit of the ‘perfect’ photo.

Why did you choose to represent it as you did?
I love the simple things in life, and cooking is another great interest of mine, alongside Lomography. The two just seem to fit so well together. I was keen to use everyday objects in my representation and in this instance iconic cakes, biscuits and candy, to help portray not just a visual representation but a physical one too.

Picture the scene, a slice of butternut cake brings back the happy memory of childhood, birthday parties, family and friends celebrating, a simple yet powerful memory that makes my mouth water and that feeling of warmth inside my heart. I believe Lomography brings about the same magic as food does to the memories of life.

I truly enjoyed the making of the Diana+ cake, featuring a Battenberg body, OREO biscuit lens, and liquorice strap. A true combination of my favourite two things in one, and yes, it did taste as good as it looked!

I love cooking, baking and taking photos of my culinary creations, and here are some of the best examples.

What do you think would be a good 11th Prophecy?

Lomography is a way of being, it is a statement of the past, but also of the present and future – bringing photography back to the way it once was whilst taking it to a new and exciting dimension.

2011-09-03 #lifestyle #wangviola #make-your-prophecy-finalists


  1. webo29
    webo29 ·

    oh wow.

  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    tasty entry

  3. reneg88
    reneg88 ·

    yummmmm! i want me one of those! ^_^

  4. dabai
    dabai ·

    i want a cake like this for my birthday!

  5. explorette
    explorette ·

    congrats and good luck :) i hope you ate that cake after :D

  6. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Love it.

  7. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    delicious! :)

  8. ali55
    ali55 ·

    This awesome!! Congrats!!

  9. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    wow! Awesome picture and work, this Diana looks so yummy!! Congrats!!

  10. blirex
    blirex ·

    looks delicious!!!

  11. boredbone
    boredbone ·

    yes, really cool shot. congrats and good luck.

  12. samsalek
    samsalek ·

    This is absolutely amazing! You have really captured this prophecy and in such a powerful way! Well done and good luck.

  13. nicx
    nicx ·

    Yum!!! Great work

  14. brittany
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  15. nikkaxxx
    nikkaxxx ·

    congratulations!!!! :O :D

  16. amirulshahrom
    amirulshahrom ·

    Congratulatins, well deserved : )

  17. wangviola
    wangviola ·

    Thank you everyone for the lovely comments...
    @webo29: thanks :)
    @superlighter: have a bite! don't be shy! ;)
    @reneg88/dabai: mmmm... maybe i should write a recepie then! ;)
    @explorette: thank you :) of coz! how could I not? ;)
    @kneehigh85: thanks :)
    @antibiotyx: very! ;)
    @ali55: thanks! :)
    @vicuna: very yummy indeed! :D thanks.
    @blirex: tastes delicious too! ;)
    @boredbone: thanks :)
    @samsalek: thank you :)
    @nicx: thank you :)
    @brittany: thank you :)
    @nikkaxxx: thank you :)
    @nicx: thanks! fibgers corssed! ;)

  18. gasord
    gasord ·

    great shot and lovely idea!!! simple but so nice!!! You could leave the final decision to us... present the ten finalists in the magazine, and the one that gets more votes wins!! just suggestions... anway,
    congrats @wangviola!

  19. wangviola
    wangviola ·

    @gasord Thanks, I'm very happy that you like my idea :)

  20. elfabricantedada
    elfabricantedada ·

    I'm as greedy and Diana cameras mini one of my favorite saying: mmm, I love your work.

  21. scootiepye
    scootiepye ·

    so wow ! Good Luck to you ^^

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    itsdebraanne ·

    can i has a piece? (:

  24. veniamin
    veniamin ·

    вкусный наверное торт! )))

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    babybath ·

    Thats brilliant!

  27. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    love the cake! love the photo! CONGRATS! great work there! :).

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    if i saw that in my fridge it would be gone O__________O LOOKS GREAT!!

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