Lesly Lobeni: The Fashion Astronaut


Lazymanxcat AKA Lesly’s blog has been featured in Vogue, Grazia, Marie Claire and Cosmopolition. She writes about fashion, lifestyle and her adventures in the great city of New Delhi. And this month, armed with a classic Diana Mini, she’s our Lomo Amigo!

Name : Lesly Lobeni
City : New Delhi
Country : India
Lomo Home : lobeni13
Favourite Camera : Lomography Diana Mini, the cutest camera ever made!

Lesly, tell us a little about yourself and your blog
I am a Cat loving, pessimistic, indecisive dreamer and I can stare at walls all day long! The blog came along the time when I was obsessed with the idea of me understanding fashion as a whole. It was for my portfolio to get into a fashion institute [LCF] which I did but had to decline. But after that, I didn’t want to ditch the cat blog so I am now continuing it like a chronicle of my evolving style.

How did you get interested in fashion?
With age. It sounds strange but I was never EVER interested in it. Most people who love fashion have always had an inclination towards it since their younger days like trying on their mom’ shoes or their sister’s clothing. I used to run away when I would hear the word ‘shopping’. Being a MAJOR tom boy during my teens wasn’t of any help either. But I soon turned 18 and decided ‘Hey, Time to act and dress your age Missy!’. And there it was. It actually came from nowhere out of the blue. It was a decision to bridge my age and my image.

You’ve been working on your blog for so long, how has the experience been?
The usual answer would be this “A Roller Coaster Ride”. Blogging is something I do when I am free. It has definitely given me a lot of exposure [eg: Magazine features, shoots etc..] which have definitely been a major highlight. Its fun to meet and connect with new people but at the end of it all, blogging just is!

It isn’t a full time job and I don’t want it to become one either. I’d say the blog is to a point, an extension of who I am. You see me, my face, my outfit and you read my posts. It isn’t really fashion per se but just random thoughts, feelings and philosophies. I think I like how I can relate to the ones who read my blog so that I would say, is the best part of it.

How did you come across the Lomography Diana Mini?
The Diana isn’t something you’d shrug at. For sometime, I had seen this pretty little wonder in and around fashion blogs and style communities like www.lookbook.nu and www.chictopia.com.

Then one day, my sister, who is a photographer, pointed out that the pictures that I edit for my blog remind her of the toy camera effects and suggested that I should check out Lomography cameras and save up for one. There it was, that fatefully Janurary day when I stumbled on to the Lomography website. I feel in love with the Diana.

One person who you’d want to photograph with your Lomography Diana Mini?
Fly to Oslo, Norway and capture Jostein Gaarder with more than one film to be safe.

One place you want to be visiting right now?
Anywhere in Europe but Bulgaria at this moment! One of my best friend’s is there and I haven’t met her in the longest time and I miss her loads.

What’s the best thing you love about Lomography and Lomography Diana Mini?
That its just so damn cute! And its blue and that it just fits anywhere! My Diana loves attention and anywhere we go, she takes center stage.

Your biggest inspiration?
It would be time & life. Every day that goes by adds on. Its like a gigantic puzzle I am trying to complete and each new days brings in something more; a new inspiration, a new love, a new revelation.

The one movie you’ll want to star in?
I would have loved to taken Tippi Hedren’s role in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Marnie” or even be a part of the cast in Akira Kurosawa’s “Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams”. But IF i had any acting abilities sudden are inherent in me in the future, anything Surreal and abstract, I’d say ‘YES.’

One tip for other Lomography Diana Mini users?
Don’t stop clicking! Diana needs time and much love. She wouldn’t give you all the pictures that you take but you can’t give up on her. When you do get your results, you’ll know just why you decided to stick with her.

To see more of Lesly’s work, just log on to her Blog or her Lomo Home. You can also follow her on Twitter

As a special treat, we have a video interview with Lesly in her Studio. Check out the video!

NOTE : The video is in stereo format. So in case you’re unable to hear it correctly, please switch your computer audio to stereo mode.

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