Superlighter: LomoReporter @ Summer Jamboree Festival


Superlighter is an Italian Lomographer who found great success in the whole international community, the reason is immediately evident if you have a look at his photos. Winner of the Contest for being a LomoReporter @ Summer Jamboree Festival, he was our special envoy to one of the most amazing italian’s events. His shots will make us going crazy and his words will leave us breathless. Read his story and enjoy his photos …

Pictures taken with Lomo LC-A

“Never say never. For 11 years, for the precision that relatively few miles from my home place there’s one of the largest festivals dedicated entirely to the American culture of the 40s and 50s and for 11 years that I’ve stubbornly kept out, i don’t know why, but the names on the bill in recent years were especially attractive for a music lover like me, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Wanda Jakson, Stray Cats, to name a few.

Pictures taken with La Sardina Marathon

Thank’s to and the win as LomoReporter@Summer Jamboree Festival Contest that i change my mind and so with my new and shiny La Sardina Marathon and with other faithful lomo cameras I finally broke the bad spell and here I am in the middle of the most exciting, funny, surprising, quirky and timeless celebration I’ve ever attended!
If you want to try the effect of a time travel into the fabulous ’50s the Summer Jamboree, Senigallia is the place where to go.

Pictures taken with Texona

Among incredible vintage car, smiling Pin-Up girls and guys that just seem to come out from the screen of American Graffiti, all accompanied by a continuous soundtrack provided by top DJs and the best live bands.

For several days all the problems of our time seem to disappear as if by magic, and an air of optimism and high spirits lights were on the face of all the people I met everywhere, in pubs always overcrowded and in the endless line up for some chilly and giant burger, but especially on a large dance floor where young and not had fun like crazy to the rhythm of good old rock’n’roll.

Pictures taken with Diana F+

Of course, for a photography’s lover, there is plenty of choice, and people are overjoyed to pose, you do not even need to ask, just lift the camera and you find yourself in a flash with the most alluring and witty portraits of your career

What else to say? i can’t wait for the next Summer Jamboree!"

You can see all the informations here

Thanks Superlighter, Lomo loves you!

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translated by alessiab

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