AgfaPhoto APX 400: Black-and-White Grainy Goodness

This ISO 400 black-and-white film offers fine yet noticeable grain. It is excellent for pushing, as well as all situations including travel and nature!

Agfaphoto APX 400 is a general-purpose film offering a rather high ISO, which is perfect for pushing to ISO1600 also because it is a black-and-white film!

I brought it on a trip to the Sapa mountainous region in Vietnam, where I shot animals and landscapes.

As you can see, I subjected the photos to dodging and burning, but they retained details very well. This however also depends on how you develop the film — if you do it so you get flatter negatives, you get more latitude to work on and lose less details!

It also followed me on a trip to the zoo:

where I tried to capture photos of monkeys:

but they didn’t like to stay still enough for an ISO400 film (which is why it’s great that you can push it to ISO1600!) so I settled for a stationary animal instead.

It’s a great film for all occasions!

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