Analogue Adventures with My Pet: Loving my Ala!

Ala is my dog and I love her very much even though she is a very, very old lady. She is an English Cocker Spaniel which my Dad got as a present for my 10th birthday; she was a few months then and now she’s about 14 years old (which in human years for a dog her size is 72!).

I remember Ala very well as a small puppy: she was very cute, had long ears and soft fur. When she reached her maximum size her fur wasn’t as soft, but her adorable face hadn’t changed very much. Ala has a great sense of humor. She always wiggles her tail when she’s really happy (which is very frequent). She shakes it so hard that her whole butt moves! That’s when she’s really funny (and she knows it); this is because she has a very short tail (about 5 cm long) and when she shakes it hard she starts moving her whole body.

A lot of years passed since I first laid my eyes on young, energetic Ala, but she is almost unchanged in her appearance and behavior. Her fur hasn’t turned gray; it still has a vibrant color! She is always happy and on the move, and always wants to go out for a stroll. However, Ala can’t see or hear very well, and has arthritis on her back legs. The good part is that she doesn’t show it! Because she’s so full of energy, I sometimes forget she’s so old.

I love taking pictures of her! She always puts on a smart face when she sees one of my cameras which I find hilarious. Since she has arthritis the vet recommended that we don’t take her on very long walks so I mostly take photos of her indoors.

So what can I say… Ala is my best pet buddy! Hope she won’t die anytime soon (the average lifespan of an English Cocker Spaniel is 15 years) as we have a lot more lomo adventures to try on!

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