My Favorite Childhood Hangout: Wu Kai Sha


Tracing back memories at Wu Kai Sha where I went camping with friends for the first time ever when I was a child, I revisited this wonderful place and enjoyed an amazing magic moment at the “forbidden beach”.

Actually, I had been to Wu Kai Sha only once and it was for the primary school graduation camp at the Youth Village which dates back to more than 20 years ago. I can’t remember most of the details now and the only thing I could recall is that we were not permitted to go to the beach at the campsite at that time. It completely makes sense, as it would be a disaster for a teacher to take care of more than 40 children on a beach!

Last Saturday, I went to Wu Kai Sha again aiming to explore the “forbidden beach”. Many people go clamming at the beach and fishing at the pier nearby; and when it’s about sunset time, photography enthusiasts start to gather along the coast, getting everything ready to capture the magic moment!

Enjoying the amazing yet peaceful magic moment in the breeze with your beloved one is a romantic experience that you can’t miss. It’s also a great place to escape from the city, to breathe in some fresh air and take in some positive energy from nature.

Take the Ma On Shan Railway to Ma On Shan Station and walk towards Wu Kai Sha Youth Village for 10 mins

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