Urban, Bike Wedding in Medium Format with Yashica Mat 124


What makes an urban wedding “urban?” Why isn’t this a normal, boring wedding? Read this story about a day in my analogue lifestyle!

My friends always tell me I’m a different girl because I have all these crazy and different cameras. But I think I’m also a “different” girl because I have “different” friends. A proof of this is my friends Juan Carlos (a.k.a Yeisi) and Carolina (a.k.a Bubulinda), who recently got married by the law. But, why are they that “different?” They decided law was not enough and, since we love our city — Caracas, they decided to get married again at a square. It was an urban wedding!

Anyone could get married if they wanted, so other friends, “El Mañe” and “La Nena” also did it. How did they get there? By riding a tandem bike. Who married them? Their friend Zobeida. Who were invited? All the people who happened to be there and all their friends. Did they throw rice? No, we blew bubbles for them. Of course, I couldn’t go digital that day, so I took my Yashica Mat 124 and a couple of 120mm rolls to have the best memories from the loveliest wedding I’ve ever been to!

So this is how they got there. The bride and the groom were really happy to see the square decoration!

Some guests wore their best outfits.

The two brides waited for their parents while people blew bubbles for them. Then they walked together through a path full of flowers.

My friends Yeisi and Bubulinda didn’t stop smiling:

We were all happy and the nuptial band did their best performance.

After the ceremony, all my friends and the people there took a refreshing shower at “Los Chorritos”, that is, the clean-water fountain that goes off at 6:00 p.m at the square. I didn’t want to miss that, so I left my camera and sang and danced the Mario Bros Vals with my friends in the water!

The wedding was possible thanks to the support of Ser Urbano, an NGO that prepares activities to regain the urban space in my city (Caracas, Venezuela). And I must say, I love Ser Urbano!

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  1. le_ors
    le_ors ·

    One of th greatest wedding ever :)

  2. aguigabriela
    aguigabriela ·

    I just realized, the other bride's name is Nata, not Nena :/

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