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Let us welcome Johann Affendy Mahfoor, one of Malaysia’s famous lomographers who took the lomography world by storm with his collection of gig photos! Finding out that listening to his beloved heavy music is not enough, he seized the opportunity to see the band performing live on stage while he photographed them using his 35mm film cameras.

Let’s go back to the old times. He was so in love with photography, snapping pictures with his digital cameras. He turned to Photoshop, in search for effects that will make his pictures more interesting and unique. Somehow he stumbled upon the “Lomography” filter, and fell head over heels for it, spot on! His curiosity drove him to do research more and more about “Lomography”. It felt like it was written on his fate that he was destined to use Lomo cameras!

He bought Fisheye One while he was wandering at Taman Maluri’s Jusco. He started back in March 2007 and later met with someone from Malaysia’s Lomo enthusiast group, Effekts (formerly known as Lomokids). This year is his fourth year in Lomography.

His Signature Pose

In his early lomo days, he loved street photography so much; but the rising number of analogue street photographers dampened his spirit as the their subjects are sort of the same. Admitting that he has the chronic illness of loving something different, he jumped to the idea of music photography, especially rock and metal music. This is the platform where his inner beast rose from deepest part of his heart, ripped off his skin, and immortalized the performing band in his 35mm film.

He loves the band, he loves the music and do not forget the energy of the crowd itself. He’s so lucky to have found a way to merge his two passions – music and photography; that is true lomographic satisfaction! In the name of his love for rock lomography, he launched Rockografi as a platform for all analogue music photography enthusiasts to gather and share their results.

Why don’t you head straight to his lomohome: Johann_Affendy to witness his stunning rock photographs and don’t forget to support Rockografi!

Johann’s top tips for shooting your favourite band performing on stage:
1) Use ISO 200-400 film, as most of venues are a bit dark, and 800 film is slightly grainy.
2) Moshpit usually takes place at the center of the crowd, so he opts to choose the front of stage to get the perfect image and better view. But beware of stage dives!
3) He prefers to have a look at the viewfinder if possible but due to the crowd’s havoc, he usually had to blind shoot. That’s where lots of film come in handy.
4) If you’re an LC-A user, attach flash to your hotshoe and set your camera to Automatic Exposure. Light trails and smoke effects will blow you off of your feet!

Have Fun Shooting!

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  1. analogmonolog
  2. johann_affendy
    johann_affendy ·

    thank you for the spotlight a'a bakal amigo. very honest writing =)

  3. johann_affendy
    johann_affendy ·

    baru perasan.."his signature pose" hahahaha takleh blah

  4. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    Great article! :) Hi Johann with his signature pose! hahaha

  5. analogmonolog
    analogmonolog ·

    amiiinnnnnn.. terima kasih @johann_affendy... perasan byk gambo abg jo pose camtu.. XD

  6. jibamz
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    Cool bean. Mintak sain abam jo... lol.

  7. johann_affendy
    johann_affendy ·

    laku ke sain aku LOL

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