Double the Fun: Double Explosures by Tierney Gearon

Today is World Photography Day, and to commemorate centuries of picture-taking, why don’t we pay tribute to one of the most creative photographic techniques known to the analogue world: Double Exposures, or as art photographer Tierney Gearon calls it, “Double Explosure!”

Photo by Tierney Gearon via Trendland

Unique, surreal, and sometimes strange—those are just a few words that come to mind whenever one comes across double-exposed (or even multiple-exposed) photos. It’s a photographic technique well-known and well-loved among analogue photographers, but anyone who has tried it will say it’s often never as easy as it seems. While luck and a little bit of experimentation may get you an interesting shot, wait till you see art photographer Tierney Gearon’s amazing collection of double exposed photos. Or “double explosed” as she prefers to call it!

One look at the American-born photographer’s work will make you wonder, how on earth does she create such beautifully dreamlike photos? Her collection, called “Explosure,” is indeed as mind-blowing as its name suggests. They look so perfectly double-exposed they almost seem like photoshopped. But no, “Explosure” is every bit analogue, done in the classic technique that continues to inspire many film photographers and Lomographers today.

Not convinced? Gearon’s collection of around 30 double-exposed masterpieces was showcased in two 2009 exhibits—in ACE Gallery Beverly Hills at Los Angeles, and in Phillips de Pury & Company in London. A portion of the press release for the exhibit reads:

“In Explosure, Gearon continues these personal investigations, again photographing at home and on family trips to upstate New York, India, Italy, and South Africa. But instead of taking single shots she creates surprising, chance-narratives using the classic technique of double exposure in camera that she then prints without retouching or post work. By superimposing two, quite unrelated images into one, she invents scenes that are startling, surreal, and engaging yet also fleeting and ephemeral.”

Photos by Tierney Gearon via Trendland

Gearon’s work is a perfect example of the wonders made possible by the analogue world, and a fitting source of inspiration for all of us in this glorious occasion!

Happy World Photography Day, everyone! Lomo on!

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