Discover the Beauty of Tungsten: Fuji T64


Confusing the tungsten with a professional’s tool, I steered clear for sometime. On a whim, I asked about it and bought it at my local Lomography store and was stunned to discover its beauty.

It was long my understanding that shooting tungsten film was only meant to be used with special light under the direct supervision of a professional.

One day, it caught my eye at my local Lomography store and I inquired, only to be told, “oh no, anyone can take it during the day.”

I bought my first roll and was blown away. I have always had the deepest love and admiration for Velvia, and now, I feel that I bought something with more subtle color shifts, and one that when cross-processed does not bore me after a while, like Velvia’s rich pinks and reds often does. T64 reminds me more of an old redscale and I have set my ISO wrong. Often, it has even gotten confused for redscale, and yet I care for this much more, with it’s soft tones and and creamy yellows, and light blue.

Recently, I loaded my Smena and headed out to a little summer festival in Los Angeles, known as Hard Fest, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

written by lucyeve on 2011-08-25 #gear #film #review #tungsten #daylight #t64 #lomography #fuji #color-shift #user-review

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