The Television Tower is Over Our Heads in Berlin

Now I’ll show you another part of Berlin, the famous television tower, one of the symbols of the city and the country. It’s the king of the Berlin skyline and it’s a good way to find your way “home” if you’re a tourist like me! :)

Credits: carlosbull

The Ferneshturm is a television tower in the center of Berlin, near Alexanderplatz and it’s an icon of the city which was built in 1969 by the RDA, who soon adopted it as a symbol of East Berlin.

Standing 368 meters high, it is the fourth tallest building in Europe and the 17th in the world. On it’s top, it has a restaurant and a balcony which rotates 360 degrees. It allows the visitor to see all of the city! You can go to the top in its elevators and it takes only 40 seconds: amazing!

Credits: carlosbull

I wanted to show you this place because for me it was a point of reference. Of course it is in the city, it’s a landmark, but for example, in my case, as the hotel was right in front of it, the tower was really useful! So in case I got lost, I only had to have a look up and find the tower in the skyline!

Furthermore, I have always felt a certain admiration for skyscrapers, they are big structures that brings humans closer to the sky, so my film roll came back with a dozen photos of the Ferneshturm!

Credits: carlosbull

If you want to visit it, I recommend that you visit the official website of the tower , I can’t say too much about the visit because I didn’t get to the top (don’t get me wrong I wanted to, there is just a lot to do in Berlin) but I still recommend the guided tour of the tower and I am sure that the pictures from the top will be so worth it.

Here you can find the schedule and ticket prices:

March to October: 9-24hours
November to February: 10-20hours

Adults: 11 Euros
Children under 16 years: 7 Euros
Children under 3 years: Free

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