Costa Brava - Llançà and Cadaques

I was lucky enough to spend a long weekend in Costa Brava, in Spain with my girlfriend, friends, and LC-A!

Llançà is a small fishing village in the north of the Costa Brava (translated, ‘Costa Brava’ means ‘wild coast’). It is about 10km from the South of France.

Llanca is very very cute with a nice beach and town. However, my favorite part was the walking path along the coast that you can take for miles to other villages dotted around the Costa Brava.

On our first day, we walked about 12 to the next village and back, but the entire walk is along the stunning coast line. There are many, many little coves along the way, some so small that only 4 people can sunbathe at one time! If you want secluded beaches, then this is a place to head to! While on the walk, the film in my LC-A got a bit messed up when winding on, and the result was a few interesting doubles came out, accidentally!

We spent a day in Cadaques (which is where Salvador Dali is from), which was very quaint. The houses and streets are in a typical Mediterranean style and the village has breathtaking beaches and water! There are many cafes and bars and the village seems to pay homage to Dali and his work!

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written by dannyfresh on 2011-08-29 #places #spain #location #costa-brava #llanca #escape-from-the-city #cadaques

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