Maunawili Falls, Hawaii

My love and I decided to go on at least one hike before our summer vacation was over and we chose to do Maunawili Falls. Located at the east side of the island of Oahu, Hawaii, this hike is relatively easy, short, and ends in a fantastically refreshing waterfall and swimming hole!

I’ve always been a fan of hikes, however, planning a group hike always takes too much time to coordinate so my summer has definitely been lacking in that department. So my love, Alex and I, took it upon ourselves to do at least one hiking trip before the summer ended. We didn’t want to choose an extensive and exhausting one, as Hawaii has a large selection of hikes for every level, so we chose Maunawili Falls.

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Located at the Windward side of Hawaii, in the town of Kailua, Maunawili Falls is tucked deep into the valley. Starting from a twisty road, the hike begins as a level trek until about 1/3 of the way, gradually inclining upward for the next 1/3. On our way, we had to cross about 3 streams, but there were plenty of sturdy rocks to allow for smooth crossing.

Credits: dearjme

One thing about Maunawili is that the trail can get very muddy. Kailua is known for its frequent showers and moist environment. Luckily, we chose a fantastic sunny day to hike, so there were only a few muddy patches along the way. I can only imagine the horror if the skies chose to let down the drizzle!

Finally we reached the waterfall! The sound of water falling from the rocks was exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. We hiked on a weekday so it wasn’t too crowded, but I’ve heard that on weekends, it can get packed. There was an amazing combination of greenery and open air, just right for a semi-secluded spot to take a break before heading back down the trail.

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I didn’t take a swim in the pond, only because I scraped my knee on some of the rocks and the water may be contaminated. So I decided to better be safe than sorry! But just resting on the large boulders scattered across the stream was a reward large enough for me.

The hike back starts with us going up a large amount of stairs steps wedged into the dirt and for someone who is not a stair-master queen, it was a bit of a challenge. Safe to say, I ended up with quite a bit of air knocked out of my lungs. However, after that flight of steps, the trail is mostly downhill the rest of the way.

Credits: dearjme

Overall, the Maunawili Hike is gorgeous, has a great view at the top, and the waterfall is utterly amazing. Hawaii has blessed its inhabitants with such abundant beauties, and that day, I learned to appreciate my surroundings more and more.

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